Hi Linda
Just wanted to let you know that after seeing you on Monday for the reflexology, we went into hospital for the induction as planned later that afternoon. They did an examination but said there were no midwives available to stay with us so they couldn't start off the induction properly, so we stayed in the ward overnight by which time my contractions had started of their own accord and were regular by the early morning and after a very quick labour Eleanor was born at 8.25am on the Tuesday morning weighing 7lbs!

I'm certain the reflexology helped with the whole process and was really pleased with how the labour went (and that I didn't need to be induced) as I had only gas and air this time - so thank you!

During both my pregnancies I received massage and reflexology from Linda; I found the massage extremely relaxing - especially towards the end of my pregnancy!  I found the reflexology sessions very relaxing too - in fact I often fell asleep during them.  I don't know for sure if the reflexology helped to speed my labour, but our daughter was born in a little over five hours and with no pain relief!  Linda has always made me feel very comfortable and has always been very flexible with appointments - she was even prepared to visit me at home on Christmas Eve! I would thoroughly recommend a treatment ( or two )!

Linda was a wonderful support for whole of our family before and during the labour.

For us, home birth was a new experience and it was wonderful to have Linda there. She is very experienced and was able to tell us many useful details to prepare us. She is wonderful, kind and has a very positive personality.

She has an incredible talent to calm, relax and support the mother mentally and physically during labour. Linda also was a great help taking care of our one and a half year old son during and after the birth. We had a beautiful home birth experience with Linda and would very much recommend her to anyone.
Maaria & Gjs parents of Frida

With my first pregnancy I knew of Doulas but never thought much of it. When I met Linda, my instant thought was that if I had a Doula, I'd want it to be her.

Then I was lucky enough to fall pregnant again. Initially my husband was sceptical.  But once he met Linda, he immediately warmed to her kind and caring nature. Linda is incredibly knowledgeable and was always able to answer any questions we had or point us in the right direction. Linda spent a lot of time with me during my pregnancy learning about my first labour, my fears & wishes for my second birthing experience. I felt so at ease in her company and always felt I was able to talk to her or call her up.

We had a false alarm where I called Linda thinking I was in labour and she was instantly able to calm me and find out what I wanted to do eg did I want her straight away, come later etc? I wanted a hypno birth and Linda is trained in how to use all the relevant techniques. She came over many times to discuss my affirmations, practice massage etc.

On the actual day Linda was AMAZING! As soon as she arrived, Linda adopted a quiet reassuring tone, helped me stay focused on my breathing and worked with my husband to massage me through contractions (fabulous by the way!). Once at the hospital, Linda stayed with me the whole time and relayed my wishes to the midwives. Despite me changing where I wanted to birth last minute, she checked with me what I really wanted and respected my wishes.

Linda really helped me when I delivered my daughter. She stood opposite me reminding me to relax, breath and reminded me I could touch my daughters head - a moment I would have missed in the excitement. I remember looking at Linda when my daughters head was born and smiling at her saying how amazing this was. A totally natural birth with no medication whatsoever. Linda was incredibly discreet and unobtrusive. She quietly cleared up my clothes and after I had been stitched up, Linda left us alone to have some private time with our new born baby.

I'd recommend Linda to anyone as a Doula. Her understanding and intuitive nature makes her the perfect person to support any mother.
Catherine & William, parents of Annabelle

I can't praise my Placenta specialist Linda Cook enough! She was absolutely and utterly amazing! Professional, friendly, caring, extremely knowledgeable and just an absolute pleasure and a real comfort to have around. I am hugely grateful for her support and kindness at an extremely delicate time - I highly recommend Linda and her services to all expectant mums!

Thank you Linda, I will not be forgetting you in a hurry :)
Ilaria Forin

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