Placenta Remedies

I will collect your placenta from your home or local maternity unit and your capsules will be delivered to you by hand or by recorded delivery within a few days. If you have chosen to have a smoothie, I will supply all the ingredients and make the smoothie in your home, so it's fresh and ready for you to consume. Tinctures, Essences, creams, balms and homeopathic remedies will be prepared and available as soon as possible.

How Can Consuming Your Placenta Help You?

A mother may lose between one eighth, to one tenth of her body's blood supply during a normal vaginal birth. This blood loss may cause a mother to experience anaemia and extreme tiredness. Consuming her placenta supplies the mother with iron, amino acids and essential fats which are believed to be the perfect replenishment in the early weeks following childbirth.

Many mothers report feeling physically and emotionally stronger after consuming their placenta and there are a variety of ways of benefitting from consuming your placenta.

Placenta Encapsulation – Simple Capsules or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)Method

With no added ingredients, both simple capsules and TCM (steamed with lemon, ginger and green chilli) are dehydrated and encapsulated in easy to swallow vegetable capsules.

Placenta Smoothie

Consuming the placenta raw is the most natural and beneficial way to benefit from your placenta soon after birth. The raw placenta is known for its high contents of stem cells and growth factors, which together quickly heal damaged tissue and organs.


This is made with a small piece of placenta, blended with some vodka, stored for 6 weeks and given a daily swirl. Once ready and if stored in a cool dark place will keep indefinitely. A placenta tincture may help to balance hormones post birth and helpful if you experience PMS and may also be beneficial in later life during the menopause.

Placenta Mother Essence

This is made with a small piece of placenta, steeped in distilled water in 6 hours of sunlight and 6 hours of moonlight. It is then strained and made into a tincture with brandy or vodka creating a long lasting mother essence.

A mother essence can be used in times of transition, illness, stress, emotional upheaval or hormonal imbalance.

Placenta Homeopathic Remedy

Placenta homeopathic remedies are said to be the baby's constitutional remedy and may help with colic, teething and many other ailments. I can arrange for a highly experienced Homeopath to make you two remedies from your placenta sample.

30c hard tablets and 7c soft tablets for baby.

Placenta Cream and Balm

Placenta creams have been used by the rich and famous for many years to combat the signs of ageing, Adding your placenta powder into one of the different types of creams or balms can make an excellent skin healer. After birth, a placenta cream can help healing in many ways; reducing the appearance of c-section scarring, stretch marks, help to heal sore or cracked nipples and reduce skin inflammation from eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. To help slow down the signs of ageing your placenta cream may help to minimise fine lines, thread veins, sun-spots and wrinkles. There are benefits for baby too - a balm may help to reduce any inflammation in nappy rash, for example.

All information courtesy of IPEN, Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network.

Placenta Remedies Network

Please contact me for more information on prices and arrangements for collecting your placenta for Encapsulation. Gift vouchers available.


  • Placenta Encapsulation. Price - Starting from £180
  • Smoothie. Price - £35
  • Tincture. Price - £70 (£50 when purchased in addition to capsules)
  • Placenta Essence. Price - £50 (£25 when purchased in addition to capsules)
  • Placenta Homeopathic Remedy. Price - £60
  • Placenta Cream and Balm. Price - £30
Placenta Capsules

For more details:

Please call me 0118 9697461 or email for more information on prices and arrangements for collecting your placenta for Encapsulation.