How can my maternity reflexology treatment help you?

The advanced training I have obtained in Maternity reflexology allows me to provide support for men and women with fertility issues. Reflexology may help to regulate ovulation, balance hormone levels, improve uterine health and encourage healthy sperm.

Antenatal Care
Reflexology may help some discomforts associated with pregnancy, sleep, digestive problems, blood pressure whilst also helping to improve vitality.

Birthing Preparation
Trials have shown that regular treatments allow mothers to have shorter labours with less medical intervention. Reflexology in late pregnancy may also help to prepare a birthing mother for labour and aid the natural progression of childbirth.

Postnatal Care
As a woman adjusts to her new life as a mother it is very important that she finds time to relax. Postnatal Reflexology may help to reduce anxiety and any muscular or postural discomforts. A Reflexology session provides mothers time to rest and recuperate after childbirth.

Maternity reflexology treatment only - £40

Reflexology explained

When the body is unbalanced following illness, stress or injury, energy pathways become blocked, preventing the body from functioning properly.

Reflexology helps remove these blockages allowing the energy to flow freely again thus stimulating the bodies' own healing process.

Your general well being will improve, inducing deep relaxation, promoting positive feelings and as reflexology is non invasive is very pleasant to receive.