I am so pleased that you are exploring Hypnobirthing to help you find ways to birth your baby calmly and gently into the world. This Calm Birth Hypnobirthing course has been developed by an experienced midwife to increase your confidence and to help you feel less anxious and fearful about giving birth. Your birth partner will also learn some great ways to support you too.

How can this birth preparation course help you?

This course is designed to give you the tools to be in control of your birth experience and to help you stay calm and relaxed.
Hypnobirthing is also ideal for anyone expecting their next baby who may wish to have a more empowering experience.

You will learn:

  • Relaxation and visualisation techniques
  • Positive birthing affirmations
  • How to release any fears and anxieties surrounding labour and birth
  • Ways to avoid the cycle of fear, tension and pain
  • Relaxing massage techniques for your birth partner to support you
  • Lots of hints and tips on many other useful things too

Please be assured that hypnobirthing does not put you into a hypnotic trance, the techniques enable you to be completely aware of your surroundings, deeply relaxed and in full control.
The ideal time to start a Hypnobirthing course is between 20 - 30 weeks of pregnancy, but with regular practise can be very beneficial later in pregnancy too.

Each client will receive 7 relaxation MP3s, a pack of positive affirmation cards and the course booklet. Courses are informal and relaxed and if you'd like to book on a taster session, a course or to find out more information, please get in touch for a no obligation chat.

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Free one hour taster sessions are available to find out what hypnobirthing is, how it works and what we cover on the course

You'll be able to ask questions and experience a short visualisation.

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Positive Births

Birth is not an illness. It’s not a procedure or a medical event. It’s not something to ’get through’.
It’s a normal, natural event that a woman’s body is designed to do.


4 week group course in Woodley £299.

4 week private course £399.

All payments in advance and instalments are available, please ask for more information.