Hypnobirthing Stories

I am so pleased that you are exploring Hypnobirthing to help you find ways to birth your baby calmly and gently into the world. This Calm Birth Hypnobirthing course has been developed by an experienced midwife to increase your confidence and to help you feel less anxious and fearful about giving birth. Your birth partner will also learn some great ways to support you too.

Here are some lovely stories provided by parents who have used hypnobirthing techniques to support their birth.

Hypnobirthing Stories

November 2018

The Rosiers' story

Hi Linda

Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you and to share our birth story with you.

Baby Chester-Bear kept us waiting and finally arrived 8 days overdue. I was out with my mum having lunch and out of nowhere started having surges. This sent my mum into a bit of a panic (!!) but I just felt really calm and very excited so, against her advice to "leave right now", we finished our lunch then headed home.

I called the midwife just before 3pm to let her know that something was happening as, although the surges weren't lasting a long time, they were coming quite regularly. She asked me to note down exactly what was happening over the next half an hour. Realising the time was 3pm, I had to go pick the boys up from school. So off I went, surges coming every 10 minutes, and stood in the school playground waiting for the boys. I stood smiling at the other parents who were very sympathetic to my still pregnant self, but I was feeling rather smug knowing it was imminent.

I'm positive my anxious pre-hypnobirthing self would never have left the house at this point, let alone go on the school run.

The midwife arrived at 4.30pm and advised that Dan should fill the pool up straight away - we were now feeling very excited that we would soon be meeting our baby. Shortly after the midwife arrived and had checked me over, she advised me that he was presenting back to back so I started to feel a little anxious that I wouldn't be able to deliver properly but Dan used some of our affirmations to get me back into a positive mind-set (he did end up moving round in time for delivery). Over the next couple of hours, the surges really ramped up and by 7.30pm I was having 4 in 10 mins, each lasting about a minute and they were very intense. Each time I used the breathing techniques to get me through until the next one with Dan using some of the massage techniques as I was getting a lot of pain in my lower back from the baby's position. By 7.30pm I was ready to get into the pool so the lovely midwives left Dan and I alone for around an hour, just popping in a couple of times to check all was ok. We had the music playing and I just focused on my breathing with Dan sharing the positive affirmations and words of encouragement. Then we welcomed Chester calmly and peacefully into the world after just a couple of pushes. The most special part was Dan helping me lift him out of the water and me being able to reveal to him that he had another son. The whole experience was everything we had hoped and more.

We would highly recommend hypnobirthing to any of our pregnant friends or family. This was our third pregnancy and I really wanted a home birth this time around for a mixture of reasons. I also had huge amounts of anxiety compared with my previous 2 and I knew that for the home birth to be successful, I needed to try and take control of the anxiety.

Once I started the course, I found that the techniques were already helping with any pre-labour nerves and helped put as both at ease. We feel that the breathing techniques I learnt were invaluable to gain pain relief and intervention free labour. Also having Dan attend the classes allowed him to be more involved in the whole labour than he ever had before, he was able to be more encouraging and supportive this time around than previous births (what I mean is he was more informed this time and actually knew what to say, again thanks to the course).

So thank you for all your help and support over the last few months.

Love The Rosier's xxx

Alesha's story

What a difference in births I had!

I decided to go for a hypnobirth course to see if it would make a difference to what was a very stressful, scary first time birth, where I felt completely out of control! After the Hypnobirthing course with Linda, I had a completely different outlook on my second birth and knew that it was within my power to have the calm birth I had always dreamed of. If I truly believed I could do it, I would!

We used the breathing techniques anytime I had Braxton Hicks, which within the last couple of weeks before I gave birth I was getting a lot of, and they really helped me practise what it would be like in labour. When I was induced, within an hour, very strong contractions began which I wasn't expecting. They had told me that I wasn't able to labour in water because of the pessary, which I was upset about, but I didn't want it to ruin my experience. Before, this would have stressed me out knowing things weren't going to plan but as Linda explained, birth doesn't always go to plan but remaining calm is key in a moment like this.

The strong contractions came thick and fast for a good 3 hours and it was very difficult to even walk, so I asked the midwife to come and examine me as I was sure I must be dilated quite a bit by now! Every contraction I had I was listening to calm, relaxing music which set a base for my calm birth. Unfortunately when they checked me, I was 1cm dilated and I got really upset. I thought I wouldn't be able to bear another few hours of this knowing that I was so far away from giving birth. But my partner reminded me that I was doing really well and gave me lots of confidence repeating some of the affirmations and reminding me of the breathing techniques which would help me get through each surge. I started to calm down again and it started to get a lot more bearable. I started to greet each every surge with a smile too and it really helped as I remembered that each surge brought me closer to seeing my baby.

After another couple of hours, the midwife could see that the surges were very strong on the monitor and asked if I wanted my waters broken. I agreed straight away as I thought it would help speed things along a little as I was also getting very tired. We went down to the delivery room and I had my waters broken. They told me if things didn't progress they will put me on a prostaglandin drip, which I really didn't want.

Luckily within an hour very strong contractions just came out of nowhere and I managed to keep smiling through every surge. I started to get a strong urge to push and my midwife kept telling me not to push, so I did start to panic and lose track. I was worried I was doing something wrong but the urge was too strong I told her I couldn't not push. At this point, I had full trust in my body and I knew that I had the capability to deliver this baby. Next thing I knew, they told me the baby's head was there and that I needed to concentrate and listen to the midwife but again, I just had to push, so within a few pushes, she was out!

Completely healthy and normal, I managed to have her on my chest unlike the first time where the resuscitation team were rushed in due to my first born not breathing when she was born. It was amazing to hear her cry on me and for my partner to cut the cord. I was induced at 10am and my daughter arrived at 7.08pm, so I was very happy that my labour was quick as I was very tired.

All in all, I was so much more relaxed about everything and really put my trust in myself and my body. My partner would agree in saying that the course really helped my frame of mind. I really was feeling a lot more positive and calm and full of excitement and not nerves.

Thank you once again Linda for teaching me how to have an amazing experience.

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