Birth Doula

Doula is a Greek word meaning caregiver or woman servant. A Birth Doula can reinforce the normality of childbirth and studies have shown that women who receive continuous labour support from someone they know and trust will experience less fear, less medical intervention and minimise the need for medical forms of pain management. Women are also more likely to have shorter labours, give birth spontaneously and will have more satisfaction from their childbirth experience.

As your chosen Birth Doula

We will meet twice antenatally to discuss your hopes and expectations for your birth with time to explore any worries or concerns.

During this time we will discuss your choices or preferences for your labour and birth and this information can be compiled into your Birth Preference Plan.

I will be available from 2 weeks before and 2+ weeks after your due date. Once in labour I will be there to hold your hand and support you, both physically and emotionally.

I will be there to provide continuous support with suggestions on active birth skills:- breathing, visualisation, various positions and movements along with massage and reflexology.

My presence will help facilitate communication with Midwives and Doctors, guiding you through the medical maze of choices whilst exploring the benefits, risks and alternatives around induction, epidural etc.

I will happily encourage partners to participate, building their confidence and provide them with reassurance and support.

I will be available to you by telephone and email anytime before you go into labour.

As your Birth Doula I am happy to support and guide you through this exciting and wonderful experience either at home, hospital or in a Birth Centre.

We will also meet again after your baby has arrived to discuss your labour and birth experience.

Please call or email me for more details.

For more details:

Please call me 0118 9697461 or email me to arrange a no obligation meeting and to discuss my fee to be your Birth Doula.

References are also available.


My husband and I can highly recommend Linda as a Birth Doula. From the first meeting right through to the delivery of our beautiful son, Linda made giving birth a joyful experience. She helped us prepare for the birth so we looked forward to the big day, supporting and guiding us. At the birth, she was invaluable, calm, reassuring and positive. Her skills in reflexology and massage meant I could keep pain relief to an absolute minimum - fantastic. I couldn't imagine having a baby without Linda's support.

Rebecca Cairns