Bespoke One to One Birth Preparation Sessions

Informal sessions, tailored to your needs in the privacy of your own home at a time to suit you. The two hour sessions are flexible and personalised to meet your needs whether this is your first, second or subsequent baby.

How can my birth preparation sessions help you?

My aim is to provide you with confidence to make informed choices about your care and also empower you to be more in control of your pregnancy, labour and the birth of your baby. These sessions are an ideal time to explore the benefits, risks and alternatives around the choices for pain management and medical interventions, induction, assisted birth and other areas.

We can discuss your options of where to give birth; home, midwife led unit or in the main maternity suite. We can also explore labouring and birthing in water, practise movement and positions to aid your baby's journey and help to make your labour a more comfortable and rewarding experience for you.

Relaxation is very important in pregnancy and during your session I can guide you through various visualisations and breathing techniques. They will have a calming effect on both you and your baby and with regular practise these techniques will give you confidence when labour begins.

Labouring women need a calm, supportive birth partner and we can work together to find ways for your supporter to have a more active role during your baby's birth and I can help them create a 'toolkit' of skills:

  • Breathing and visualisation techniques
  • Positive words of encouragement
  • Touch, massage, reflexology
  • Positions
  • Confidence to talk with health professionals

Tailor-made Birth Preparation Session - £100

Birth preparation sessions explained

Book one or more sessions with the opportunity for you to choose the content and topics. Ample time is given to allow both you and your partner/birth supporter an opportunity to debrief any previous experiences and ask questions. These sessions are an ideal opportunity to begin creating your birth preference plan.