Birth Art Cafe

The Birth Art Cafe was created by Tamara Donn, inspired by the work of an American midwife called Pam England, author of Birthing From Within.

No previous art experience is necessary, it's an opportunity to relax, to tune into our right side (primitive) of our brain, allowing ourselves to be more creative, intuitive, passionate and free, just like giving birth.

My aim is to provide a supportive environment for women, wherever you are on your motherhood journey, whether this is helping you to prepare for your birth or enriching your motherhood experience with your baby or children through relaxation and creativity.

Birth Art Cafe

Many years ago, women traditionally gathered together to share stories and experiences, today women can talk, share their fears, anxieties and excitement whilst being creative at a Birth Art Cafe.

A Birth Art Cafe is a wonderful way for women to relax, leaving behind the left brained; analytical, decision making and controlling mind in their everyday lives and be more open to simply being the way women are in labour.

The monthly workshops are held in my home, morning sessions from 10 -12 or in the evening from 7.30 -9.30pm.

Everyone is welcome, mums to be, mothers with non- mobile babies and it does not matter how old your children are, mothers of older children may also benefit from attending a Birth Art Cafe workshop.

I provide a safe, non- judgemental place, with the space and time to explore your own needs. This may be to prepare for your upcoming birth, to move forward after a difficult experience, to surround yourself with other women, for support in your life as a mother and to enhance your connection with your baby/child.

When you arrive for a workshop, there will be time to get to know everyone and once settled, the session will begin with a relaxation/meditation guided by myself. This may have a theme/ topic around pregnancy or motherhood and if you wish, you can incorporate this into your art.

The Birth Art Cafe is about being creative in your own way and no artistic experience is necessary. It is about the journey, not the end result.

We would love you to join us to paint, draw, or sculpt and have fun!

Each workshop is £10 and you can pay as you go. Please get in touch for dates of workshops and to book your place.

Birth Art Cafe Explained

The Birth Art Cafe is for all mothers wherever you are on your mothering journey. It is time out to reflect and listen to yourself in a group where you will not be judged. It is a space where it does not matter how you birthed, how you feed, how you parent, you are all welcome. It is a time to relax in the company of other women, it is a safe space to share, however much you feel safe to. No art experience is needed, come along, eat cake, drink tea, dabble in some art and relax.

For more details:

Please call me 0118 9697461 or email for more information on the Birth Art Cafe.