How can baby reflexology help you?

I am a qualified reflexologist and have received specialist training in baby reflexology to enable me to pass on the easy to learn techniques to parents.

Baby reflexology is given by mothers or fathers to their own baby or toddler's feet.

Over the three weekly sessions you will learn techniques for...
Feeding & Digestion,
Sleeping and Comforting,
Wellbeing to include Teething & colds/snuffles

Baby reflexology may help
  • Relieve wind and colic
  • To calm your baby
  • Improve sleep patterns
  • To encourage bonding
  • Alleviate teething discomforts
  • To boost immune system

Babies love touching their feet and enjoy having their feet touched and kissed!

Reflexology for Toddlers

Toddler reflexology is simple and fun to learn.

Nursery rhymes are included as parents apply techniques with gentle pressure to their toddler’s hands.

Toddler reflexology may help with sinus/nasal congestion, colds, sore throats, teething, digestive problems and for calming at anytime.

One to one baby reflexology sessions £35

One session toddler reflexology £35

Baby reflexology explained

You will be shown some easy to learn techniques to give to your baby or toddler at any time, wherever you are.

Handouts will be available during the sessions and to take home to practise.

A course of three sessions is recommended.